AGENCE C&G is a firm which specialises in the field of translation. The partners have over 30 years’ experience in managing translation agencies, and knowledge of English, Spanish, German and French to native-speaker level. The agency uses a network of professional translators who are experts in the technical, legal, medical and other fields. Its also specialises in patent translations.

Translators are recruited on the basis of their qualifications, experience, fields of specialisation and native language. They only translate into their native language. In-house translators edit and proof-read the translated texts to ensure correct understanding of the original document and the quality of the translation.

Strict procedures are followed to ensure that documents are assigned to the most suitable translators, that they contain no errors or omissions, that the style is suited to the intended use of the text, and that the specific terminology employed in the field in question is used.

Translations are delivered in the form of hard copy or on an electronic medium, by e-mail or fax, in the program and with the layout selected by the client.

Translations are counted on the basis of characters, words, lines or standard pages (a standard page consists of 25 lines of 55 keystrokes, 200 words or 1375 characters).

Prices are quoted per standard page.

The agency’s client’s include major national and multinational companies.

When instruction manuals are to be translated, a glossary is first drawn up and submitted for the client’s approval, and then followed to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the translation. Figures, graphics, drawings, chemical formulas, etc. are scanned and inserted into the text, and any captions are translated.

We offer a responsible, reliable, punctual, professional service – in a word, excellence.

The customer’s satisfaction is our sole recommendation.

We have been on the market for over 30 years and the firm has constantly grown, even at times when the country’s economy was stagnating.

Our aim is to rationalise of our work, offering professionalism and top quality at the right price.


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