English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, other languages on request and Italian for Foreigners


To stimulate the brain at all ages to be receptive to a new language, various types of communication are used: verbal, non-verbal, sound and body language. Spontaneity and no pen and paper during the lessons…

The method is based on a natural learning principle, the principle that determines the learning stages of a child in his/her first years of life; this process is split into four main stages: listening, repetition, experience, reproduction.

The strength of the direct method is that students think only in the foreign language  without translating from Italian. The sounds and the meanings,  assimilated in a visual perceptive way, become part of us and, when needed, are used spontaneously and effortlessly, because they are part of our individual experience.

Students who follow a course that uses the direct method will therefore develop a good basic vocabulary, an ear for the “musicality” of the language, a  feeling for the construction of the sentence and a good pronunciation.


Agence C&G pays great attention to teaching quality, which is fundamental. We carefully choose our teachers who, once selected, attend a series of meetings to assimilate the philosophy and the method.

Our teachers are our greatest asset and they cannot be easily replaced. It is not enough to be a native speaker or bilingual: specific qualities are required because at Agence C&G the teaching team is on the front line. Our teachers must have soft skills, empathy, passion, energy and a good general culture, they must have experience in teaching and an in-depth knowledge of the language they teach.

All our teachers are highly motivated and qualified, and they have many years of experience. They have an excellent knowledge of their own language, the differences compared to Italian and the difficulties  the students can encounter. They are also able to convey their knowledge with passion and enthusiasm.



Blended Learning means learning a foreign language not only in a classroom but also online with film sequences, exercises and explanations. Agence C&G places great emphasis on the quality of the teaching methods and the success of students in learning their chosen language. After or during a classroom lesson, the student can repeat, explore further and study the content learnt during the lesson in new contexts via an online platform. The reporting function enables the teacher to follow the students’ activities also after the classroom lesson.

Access is personal and each student can take a test  whenever he/she wishes  to verify his/her knowledge of the language according to the Common European Reference Framework  (A1 to C2).



1 or 2 meetings lasting 90 minutes a week or 4 hours a day for those who choose an intensive course.



The times are decided together with the participants in order to  meet their needs.


16 weeks (16 x 1h30) or as agreed together.

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