Agence C & G offers a wide range of “turnkey” solutions (management of a whole project) and individual activities in the ambit of a project, in liaison with other suppliers chosen by the client.

On the basis of the client’s briefing:

  • logistical study
  • study of PR actions
  • choice of the most suitable location/infrastructure
  • advertising activities, etc.
  • drawing up a detailed budget containing all items we consider necessary for the success of the conference/meeting
  • presentation to client
  • evaluation with client

Preparation of work plan and organisation chart:

  • obtaining estimates
  • examination/comparison of estimates
  • choice of suppliers and staff
  • preparation of guest lists (on the basis of our databases and the data supplied by the client)
  • study and production of coordinated image for conference/meeting/event
  • drafting of copy for invitations, promotions, advertising and press releasespreparation of all conference documentation (including badges, cards, etc.)
  • recruitment/instruction of hostesses and simultaneous interpreters
  • press office (contact with journalists and newspapers and despatch of documentation)
  • drafting of contracts with staff/suppliers
  • organisation, checking and supervision, with rapid action if problems arise
  • preparation of conference proceedings

Memorandum of conference including:

  • press cuttings album
  • list of participants
  • despatch of conference documents to participants and/or other addresses specified by the client
  • issue of closing press release
  • any other follow-up required.


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