Welcome to AGENCE C&G

We offer language services and internationalization support, with ISO 9001 and 17100 certifications.

The founders have over thirty years of experience in the management of translation companies, and mother tongue knowledge of English, Spanish, German and French.

20 employees in Turin (in-house translators – proofreaders) and 400 external translators, we cooperate with 20 companies  in Chile, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia, USA and Switzerland.

Benvenuti in Agence

Our objectives are rationalization of work processes, professionalism, ongoing collaboration with our clients and excellent quality/price ratio.

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We offer quality service, responsibility, reliability and punctuality.


30 years of experience in the sector have enabled us to achieve  excellence in the field of translations and business negotiations in all languages.


Translators and interpreters with excellent academic and professional curriculum.


Servizi Traduzioni Torino

Agence C&G complies with the rigorous ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 procedures for selection of collaborators and assignment of translations, proofreading and final checking with accurate traceability at every stage of the process.

Upon receipt, the text is examined by the project manager who assigns it to the most expert mother tongue translator in that sector. After translation, the text is revised by a proofreader, checking and comparing sentence by sentence with the source text.

For all translations of manuals, instruction booklets, etc. a glossary is created, submitted to the client for approval and referred to by all translators to ensure uniformity and coherence.

The figures, graphs, drawings, chemical formulas etc. are scanned and inserted in the text, with the translation of any captions.