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Agence C&G was set up in Turin in 1997 by professionals with a passion for languages and longstanding experience in translation and interpreting.

Over the years we have developed a flexible efficient structure and selected the most competent candidates to include in our  staff. The project managers, attentive to our clients’ needs and demands, ensure that the work is assigned to the most suitable translators and proofreaders using the software requested by the clients and the glossaries created for each client.

Staff training is an all-important tool for the company and is an ongoing activity. In addition to numerous work experiences with universities and language institutes, Agence has trained the majority of its translators in-house, supervising them closely during their period of apprenticeship.

Experience means not only translating but also improving the source texts while remaining faithful to the context and the desired outcome.

“Customer satisfaction is our only means of promotion”.



Our translators are selected on the basis of their education, experience, sectors of specialization and native language.

Rigorous procedures are observed to ensure that the texts are assigned to the most suitable translators.

Each translator translates only and exclusively into his/her native language  and only in his/her sector of specialization.

After translation, the texts are carefully revised by in-house translators and proofreaders, to check coherence with the source text, use of specific sector terminology and suitability of style.

The texts are delivered in the format and page layout required by the client.