Industries: foodstuffs, automobile, chemical, construction, electronics, pharmaceutical, information technology, engineering, medical, packaging, scientific, textile, standards, etc.

Annual accounts, minutes, reports and banking

Contracts, deeds, writs, judgments, arbitration proceedings, powers of attorney and statutes

Technical manuals, instruction manuals and technical documentation in general, with layout identical to the original

Market research, product presentations, interviews, press releases, catalogues, advertorials

Advertising and Publishing
Commercials, product launch copy, and translation of articles for magazines. Translations for specialist publications and illustrated books.


One-to-One, group courses or directly in your company, Italian for Foreigners and trainings in foreign languages.


The most important asset of any company, large or small, is its human resources.

A company which views this asset as a source of continual progress sets itself the objective of ensuring that its staff:

  • receive continual and targeted training which consolidates their strengths and overcomes any weaknesses, ensuring increasingly greater efficiency
  • are closely followed to keep motivation and participation in the company’s activities high.

As a result of collaboration with highly qualified and internationally experienced consultants in Executive Coaching and NLP, Agence C&G offers “ad hoc” company services which optimise performance of personnel and teams. The coaching or training is available in English, French and Italian.


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